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Topic: Slopes Wagrain

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Paul Braspenning
Written at: 2011-03-03 08:42:08 pm
I disagree with description/ranking of the slopes:

- All descends to Wagrain are red. Due to the sometimes warm winter conditions and low altitude, snow can be crud and hard to plough through. It can turn into bumpy furrows which are definitely not suiteable for beginners.
- In Flachau Winkl and at the Grafenberg Bahn you will find some nice, extensive funparks.

Furthermore they expect to connect in 2011/2012 the 3 area\'s (Flachau Winkl - Flachau - Wagrain) with a gondola, so transport to the stations by bus/car won\'t be necessary anymore.
1 Post of this topic   
Wagrain: condition of slopes
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