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A fantastic boarder park and broad slopes!

Evaluation Snowboarders: Kühtai: Evaluation: 4
The top-notch boarder park is an absolute highlight for freestyle acrobats. Situated between the Alpenrosenlift (X) and the HoheMutBahn (XII) the park features rails, kickers, corners ect. witch should make any boarder brim over with enthusiasm. (Info on the park and current events at Solely missing is a half pipe. Also powder fans are catered to as there’s lots of beautiful terrain off the groomed trails. The very broad trails are ideal for carving and a true pleasure for all race boarders. Absolute beginners should however keep away from the boarder park at first but try their first steps on board on gentler terrain (see beginners category).

trail 14 (black)
intermediate trail 6
trail 6
boarder park next to trail 12
boarder park
grinds and rails
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